Manufacture of jumbo of coated abrasives on paper, cloth, film…

Fabrication abrasifs appliqués - graineuse

Manufacture of jumbo of abrasives

ABRASIENNE offers a wide range of coated abrasives, playing with the desire of customers on combinations of three main components of abrasive:

  • backing : paper,cloth, mesh, non-woven, film, etc.
  • bonding : resin, glue, with or whitout stearate, etc.
  • king of grain : aluminium oxide (white, brown, semi-friable, hardened…), silicium carbide, emeri, etc.
  • grit : from P16 to P3000.

Stock and cut to size 

Able to manufacture large series or, on the contrary, in limited quantities to answer to specifics requests, ABRASIENNE put its most efficient tools at the service of customers.  

Productions ar customizable. For example the customer brand can be printed on the backing of the abrasives. 

Coated abrasives jumbos can be provided to customers upstream this production step. Otherwise they will be kept in stock and cut to a specific size or/laminated/ or cut.

jumbos d'abrasifs appliqués
laboratoire de développement des abrasifs appliqués

Producs development 

ABRASIENNE has one of the most modern and constantly optimized manufacturing tools to guarantee an optimum and constant quality level. 
A product technician works with the maker team of coated abrasives production to optimize manufacturing processes and improve products. For this, our technician has an R&D laboratory equipped with high-performance instruments installed right next to the maker.

More than 5 millions of m² of coated abrasives are manufactured every year by ABRASIENNE.

The maker of coated abrasives manufacturing allows the production of jumbos of different widths from 935 mm to 1 400 mm.

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jumbos d'abrasifs appliqués
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